Learn languages reading and listening at the same time


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Learning a language can be a really tedious process for some. However, apps such as Beelinguapp make this process a lot more entertaining and even help you have fun while you learn with new and intuitive methods (much like Wordbit).

Using Beelinguapp is equally simple and efficient. To start off, you need to pick the language you want to learn and your base language. Then, the tool offers you audiobooks to help you improve your knowledge.

For example, if you pick English as the language you want to learn and Spanish as your base language, Beelinguapp gives you the possibility of choosing between several stories that include text in both languages. So, you can listen to the text in English while you read the text in both English and Spanish.

Beelinguapp files your progress and keeps you informed on the amount of books you’ve read so far. If you want to learn a language in a new and entertaining way, this app is a must in your smartphone.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.